‘Superb’The New York Times

‘The Calder’s Beethoven was full of flaring drama, furrowed brows and quiet intensity. But, with the tightest of ensemble playing and well-judged balancing of instrumental voices, the piece retained its classical integrity and polished finish.’The Washington Post

'Tuesday’s concert by the superb Calder Quartet showed that the time-honored string quartet format still provides fertile ground for innovation and surprise in the hands of imaginative, skillful creators.'The New York Times

'Calder Quartet played some formidable Mozart and Beethoven'Alex Ross, The New Yorker

'I've written before that every time I hear the Calder, the ensemble seems to have reached a new level. That remains true, and now only the stars are the limit, as the Calder takes its place as one of America's most satisfying -- and most enterprising -- quartets.'Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times

'Full marks to the Edinburgh Festival for enticing the Calder Quartet, which, on yesterday’s evidence, sits well among the US top tier.'The Scotsman

'The Calder Quartet played the most insightful and moving performance of Thomas Adès's Arcadiana I've ever heard.'Tom Service, The Guardian UK

'The Calder's passionate engagement with the music was notable; so was their pinpoint control and near-flawless execution.'Boston Globe

'tremendous conviction'Cleveland Plain Dealer

'Performances like these — freshly rethought, impeccably played — do more than provide enjoyable listening. They reveal hidden dimensions, renew a bond with the composer, and justify the continuance of familiar works in the repertory.' - Boston Globe